TER-BLUM is a relatively new therapeutic technique for improving the neuro-physiological system affecting alignment, posture and muscle memory. The technique is based on the original research of Stemmführung Roswita Brunkow and improved upon, starting in 1992, with the applied research of Mrs. Blum on orthopedic and neurological patients.

The focus of the TER-BLUM technique is on correcting the relationship between the fascia, muscles, nerves and bones that generate the movement patterns misaligning a persons' posture. Using 'manual clutch' gentle pressure techniques to facilitate the impulses emanating from the neuro-muscular system, a rearrangement - a correction - is achieved. Over time, the corrections are stored in the muscular memory of the body, freeing it to learn new and improved ways to stay aligned, which previously were not possible.

This technique has been proven successful with patients following orthopedic surgery, facing paralysis, and managing cerebral palsy. Departments of neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and geriatrics have had notable success with the TER-BLUM approach.

A standardized treatment plan begins with a focus on the primary base of the body, the feet. Manual clutch techniques strive to correct the relationship between the feet, the ankles and the knees so that the entire body can begin to receive proper alignment. Similar attention is then given to the hands to enhance everyday performances and correct for whole body alignment. The spine, neck and head receive final attention to guarantee correct posture.

Patients can apply TER-BLUM auto stimulation effectively on their own, following a brief instructional program from their physical therapist.



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